What does the Super Bowl and DonorPlus have in common?

Most people who know both Patricia and I understand that we are big fans of the American NFL. Every year the best of the best compete for the Super Bowl and without a doubt the team that unites, is committed and work together side by side are the one's that achieve the glory.

Part of the celebrations always includes everyone that is part of the team, supports the team and who from the basis of the football loving community.

DonorPlus is also about how a community who will support each other, be there with the question and answers and contribute to how the app works, feels and functions to get the best experience out of the app.

Donors are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They are often asked by someone they know to help them with a gift of life - while they are living. Donating a kidney is possible from each and everyone of us because we can all live with one kidney. However, unless we are asked none of us ever really think about taking an altruistic step and donating a kidney to save another persons life.

But, when you do make the decision to look into donating your kidney, whether it be because someone you know needs your help, or just simply because you are ready to do something extraordinary for stranger, where will you begin?

DonorPlus is created because we want the experience to be full of facts, help, support and memories. Donorplus is designed by a donor, for donors. It will develop into a great app through the input of other donors, their stories and their willingness to suggest ideas for features and functions within the app. It is a community app that will only succeed through that team and spirit of contribution.

So, what does DonorPlus have in common with the Super Bowl - our dream is to win the support, accolades and form a community of people that strive for the support of living kidney donors. Those ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

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