The day after the night before

Everything has gone well and the operation went to plan.

Managed to see my partner for half an hour last night and then exhaustion/pain got the better of me and I went back to sleep.

Thank goodness for the pain meds. The tubes (catheter as well as the ones in my arms and hands) make it difficult to get comfortable in bed and the nurses want me to take big deep breaths which is also a challenge but I know that I need to get some air back into my lungs so am doing what I am told.

I might be able to get out of bed later today but if not will be making a big effort for Wednesday. Being able to move about will aid my recovery and mean that I can hopefully be home by the weekend.

Have just discovered that the hospital has Free Wi-Fi which means I can catch up on all the series that I have been meaning to watch. Still can’t believe how far behind I am on The Walking Dead? Anyone with recommendations – email me.

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