Since finding out that there was no choice in having this operation life has been a bit of a blur. Work and day to day tasks have just gone by the wayside and I have found that even writing this has taken longer than I thought. Nothing moves at the pace that it used to.

Telling people has been more difficult than I thought. For instance, we decided to send a message out to a few people letting them know I was going in for surgery. Something fairly generic but just enough so they know it’s happening and that they don’t worry. That was the easy part. Immediate family has been different and telling them face to face has been quite emotional. Explaining what has led to this has meant retelling part of the complications I had after donating a kidney almost 6 years ago. For my partner and I reliving by retelling that experience has reminded us again how traumatised we both were from that experience.

Choosing to donate a kidney was a decision that my partner and I made jointly. None of us could have for seen the events that followed and the life changing experience we went thru. What we knew then and what we stand by now is that we made the decision to donate out of love. This operation doesn’t change that.

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