Scared as …!

Almost 6 years ago I donated a kidney and throughout the testing, the donation and the complications I don’t think I was ever scared.

Anxious about if I would pass the testing, concerned for the recipient, unsure about how I would deal with the pain and the recovery but never scared. Even when I woke up in intensive care in a bed covered in my own blood and a team of people around me yelling at me to breathe I wasn’t scared.

Compare that to the reaction I had on Monday when I was told that I didn’t have time to wait, I needed surgery to repair an incisional hernia ASAP and it was a total shock. I knew that the surgery was coming but what I wasn’t prepared for was the immediacy. The last surgeon I saw a week earlier had already told me he wasn’t comfortable doing such a large operation and had referred me on to someone else but neither I nor my partner were prepared for the blunt response when I asked the question, could we delay the operation for six months?

“You don’t have six months, you are lucky that you are here now” Surgeon – Monday, March 25th

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