Let's Celebrate DonorPlus

We have just hit 238 new users who have downloaded DonorPlus - why celebrate this number?

In 2018 there were 238 live kidney transplants in Australia - so we have as many new users on our app as those who saved a life last year.

What is the next goal?

We are aiming at 421 which was the number of living donations that occurred in 2017 in Canada.

How can you help?

Talk to your family, friends and let people know about our app, ask them to download the App. The more people who are aware of the app the more likely people will be better informed and start to form a community that helps each other when it comes to the real experience of living donation.

Don't forget that we are running a GoFundMe Campaign - gofundme/donorplus-app Help us get new features into the app that really make a difference to the Donor experience.

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