it's lives that matter not numbers

There is a constant focus on getting people to register to be organ donors. Note: Organ Donors are - deceased donors. When we have 20 people dying each day waiting for a kidney, why isn't then more of a focus on living kidney donors?

Every day, people of all ages and backgrounds become recipients, they become donors (living and deceased) and lives are transformed. I think that if more people knew that only 3 in every 1,000 people who register to be an Organ Donor actually die in the set of circumstance required for them to donate their organs then more people would start considering live donation.

DonorPlus is not about encouraging live organ donation, our focus is on supporting the wonderful people who share part of their lives to save another. We support living kidney donors. At DonorPlus we believe that no on should have to say good-bye to a loved one any sooner than they need to and that we should

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