How much did the OTA donate to living donation?

In 2018 the Organ and Tissue Authority allocated $430,000 for the Community Awareness Grants program which provides funding for community-based awareness and education activities that contribute to increasing public understanding of and support for organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

Organ and Tissue Authority

In 2019 $370,177 (ex GST) was awarded to organisations that will work to encourage more Australians to talk about organ and tissue donation and to register to be a donor.

The fact is that fact that only 1% of people who register as ‘deceased’ donors ever die in the specific set of circumstances that enable their organs to be harvested for donation.

Whilst we support the endeavor of those people and organisations who are working hard to get the message out to people about organ donation - I question the reason that more is not being done to support awareness of living donation.

Question: How much money has been invested in or donated to groups involved in the support of living kidney donation?

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