Donors save lives

Today we have been shown some inspirational people such as the Good Morning America video on the Callaway family WATCH: Georgia woman saves 23 lives by connecting kidney donors to those in need: #WeAreGMA and their wonderful achievements connecting donors with people in need.

The same can be said about Chelsea Brooks who reached out to us today to see if we can bring some attention to her mums desire to find a donor. Here is mothers (Sherry Sadler) facebook page.

Everyday, people are asked by someone they love, or in these situations, by complete strangers to think about donating one of their kidneys to save another persons life.

Donors save lives and the reason we created DonorPlus is to help people make informed and educated choices when thinking about giving one of their kidneys. The decision to donate is unique for everyone who thinks about this. No-one decision is the same as another. When you think about undertaking this journey as a donor take the time realise you will need support too throughout that journey. DonorPlus provides a chance to read other peoples stories, walk through the basic set of questions "could i be a living donor" and start to prepare yourself both pre and post transplant.

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