Registered donor statement

At DonorPlus our goal is to support the growing list of women and men who make the decision to become living kidney donors. We do this by educating and informing people about the process of donation both before and after their operation.

Our layered approach means that people considering donating to a friend or loved one can do their own preliminary and private self-assessment on whether they could be a living kidney donor. We provide support for living donors globally with a specific focus on Australia and building awareness that living donors’ matter.

Not sure if organ donation affects me

If you are unsure about being a living kidney donor, or why it is important or if you are curious to find out - Could you be a living kidney donor then download the DonorPlus app from the Apple store or Google Play.

DonorPlus supports living kidney donors and in DonateLifeWeek2019 we are asking you to ask yourself if you could save a life. #DonorPlus #SupportingDonors #GiveAKidney #ShareYourSpare #DonateLife #DonateLifeWeek2019 #TrannsplantAus

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