Donated the kidney, get the t-shirt

Have you ever heard the expression that if "you didn't go to the concert - you cant wear the t-shirt?" As true as that is, with kidney donors it's a little bit different. DonorPlus has released its own online shop where you can buy T-shirts, water bottles (important to staying hydrated) as well as phone covers and even a bandanna for your pet and more.

From today on-wards you can order your own Living Kidney Donor shirt and when you get it home why not add the date of your donation too?

When we started DonorPlus we had these guys showing off our shirts and we know that you wondered what it would be like to get your hands on them (... the shirts!)

Living kidney donor and DonorPlus

Now it's easy - go to our online store you can order your own shirt and much, much more.

Click on the link and even if you can't donate a kidney you can support us to support the people who do!

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