Do you have a story to share?

Have you got a story to share on being a living kidney donor? Well get your paparazzi on and let’s share it!

When we share our own real-life stories, other people begin to feel that they can possibly see themselves in us. As a Living Kidney Donor, your own personal story will help others.

Your journey of giving someone their life back didn’t stop once you donated your kidney, it goes on forever, and now is your chance to get your story out there so that others get support from your words, your experience, your journey.

Let’s get your story……

Here are the questions we would like you to incorporate into your post. You don’t have to answer all of them but they are a guide.

We love stories from all aspects in the process so feel free to write multiple posts – I’d love to show your journey so if you are just starting out and want to track your experience and outcomes, feel free to send me multiple submissions along the way!

Let’s start by asking for a snapshot of who you are - a first name, work situation, family situation, age, country/state

What made you think about becoming a living kidney donor?

Where is the best source of information you have found that helps you realise what the process is about as a donor?

Where are you at in the process – thinking about, going through tests, pre-operation date, post operation?

How do your friends and family feel about your decision?

Do you think they know what to do to support you both pre and post donation? Do you think they were prepared?

How would you describe your recovery post-surgery?

Describe your journey back to your life after recovering. Were there unexpected hurdles along the way?

Do you feel different now than you did pre-surgery? Do you take precautions now that you didn’t before?

What message you would like to share with others about your experience so far?

Feel free to add in anything else you like!

Once you are done please email this to me in Word format along with 5 or more photos of you to

If you have questions along the way or would rather we talk on via messenger/email and I write up a draft that you can make edits to, that works as well. Just let me know how I can help!

Thanks in advance for sharing your story- each one makes a big difference to potential donors!

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