Can you support a club and follow another?

On a weekend that is 'football free' for a lot of Australians I was wondering if it is OK to support one football team and also follow another? Whether your team song is the best or your jumper has the worst colors every football fan knows that there is only ever one team that you love and that love is unconditional, for better or worse.

But I still wonder about the 'rules' around who you barrack for? How many of us know those mixed families where there is more than one jumper that takes pride of place on game day? Does the first born son always have to follow his Dad's team or can a daughter do that too? Is it OK to dress your children (too young to dress themselves) in the jumper of the opposition?

I think that Aussie Rules fans know what is important.

We know that wining isn't everything. It doesn't matter that some people travel to games by public transport while others fly in business class (interstate teams) all your team cares about is that you are there supporting them.

Supporters can be animal people (cats, dog & birds) and some of us prefer jeans to a suit, we like our players with mullets instead of over styled, and we dont care if half our team are wearing full and half sleeve tattoos and the ones that dont have them yet are booked in for the off season. Whatever your team you ride every bump with a grin.

At DonorPlus we know that value of supporters and teams and in our new version there is an entire section dedicated to them. Not all champions wear football jumpers. With DonorPlus you can build your own team of support and share your journey with them.

To all the teams that made the Finals - Good luck

and watch out for the mighty Hawks in 2020

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