The DonorPlus App

We are in early stage design for DonorPlus and have released a FREE version into the App Store and GooglePlay.

We welcome continued community participation to meet the needs of living donors. 

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Checklists form an important aspect to finding information out and knowing how to prepare.

DonorPlus offers up the Could I be a Living Donor checklist to help inform people about the criteria needed to be a living donor.

Use the App when talking with your medical practitioner as a way of discussing the facts.

Coming Soon

Various checklists to help you prepare for various stages in the donation process.

Community News

News feeds that focus on Donors - from local and international sources.  

Coming soon

Connect to other donors and ask the questions that only donors can answer. 

Connect in a private, secure network.

Add your story and read others so that you share real experiences.

Planning Tools

Coming soon

Features that help you plan for a myriad of tests and meetings. Explanations that educate what tests are for, how long they take and what is involved.

Tools help plan your finances and post operative care needs.

Tips and notifications will inform, remind and enable you to keep control of your experience. 

Team Support

Coming soon

Connect with people who you want involved in your journey.

Invite family, friends, work colleagues and your primary care provider (GP) so that they can support you both before and after donation. 

Instinctive popup messages to help your support team know what to say, do and how to support you - the donor - through your journey. 


 Donor USA

I wish this existed when I donated. It may have prepared me better and helped others realise that Donors need support too!

Transplant Coordinator

Donors go through a great deal and providing them with trusted information helps them prepare.


Creating an app like this is way overdue.

After all, it's the donors who give us, the recipients, our lives back!