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Why DonorPlus?

DonorPlus is the mobile solution for living kidney donors.


DonorPlus supports donors throughout their journey giving the donor control of the process.


Did you know

  • There are over 2 Million people worldwide with End Stage Renal Disease. 

  • Across the USA there are 100,000+ people on the wait-list for a kidney.

  • Although people register for organ donation after death, less than 1% of people registered have their organs donated.

  • 14 people die each day waiting for a kidney

  • 1 person is added to the wait-list every 13 minutes 

  • Over 7,000 living kidney donations occurred in the USA in 2018, 30,000 deceased. 

  • The illness is growing by 10% every year.


Living donors don’t sell their organs, they don’t get paid. It is a 100% selfless act. 

  • Over 80% of living donors, post transplant, suffer from fatigue affecting their day to day lives

  • Every living donor is impacted financially and over 40% struggle due to be unprepared and uninformed of the risks 

  • Nearly 70% suffer some form of depression immediately post the operation

  • It was reported last year that MAYO and others had found that living donors receive less than 20 minutes education prior to the transplant

  • No kidney donor is treated, or identified as a patient as they electively donate their organ - and are a healthy person (per-operation)

  • Insurance costs are the most complicated aspect for living donors both pre and post operation.


Our Supporters

DonorPlus has been able to continue the journey to deliver a global App that support people thinking about sharing their spare kidney to save a life.

This is has been made possible through the generosity of family and friends as well as organizations and mentors prepared to help move us forward.

With continued support we intend to continue to do great things.

Amanda Taylor

Boston, Liam, Anton and Cedric Taylor

Oddy family

Candace & Glenn

Linda Moffat

Walker Family

Sue Richards

Glenda Turner

& Numerous anonymous donors

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Anne Camfield

Private donations & support

Liz Marshall

Violet Davies

Mandeep Chadda

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