DonorPlus Needs Your Help!

The DonorPlus App to help donors who need support throughout one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lifetime.

We believe that living donors do something extraordinary as a selfless act and that our App should be offered up free.

In order to improve features in DonorPlus we do need financial support.

Many startups have great ideas, but at DonorPlus our founders are experienced, our goal is specific, our mission is clear. We have not created the DonorPlus App as a business - it is an idea that we believed we had the skills and means to create so that living donors get support.

The information provided on this page provides various ways with which you can support us in our efforts to build out an App to help those heroes who save lives.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Financial Gifts

Personal gifting is available to people who have the means and ability to provide us with a financial gift.

This is NOT a donation.


Each country has different tax laws around financial gifting. Examples are that to donate a personal financial gifts to between two individuals you can gift  up to $15,000 in the US or $10,000 in Australia.

If you would like to provide us with a financial gift that enables us to produce a new feature or improvements to the DonorPlus App please contact us today.

Code on Laptop Computer

Developers - ProBono

Critical to growing the DonorPlus features is the ability to release new versions.

We welcome developers willing to provide us with their coding skills and ability to help us release our planned features and services.

If you are interested in helping us create a mobile app that is the #1 go-to app for people thinking about living kidney donations then contact us today. We are open to exploring short feature builds and longer term involvement with the future plans of DonorPlus.

Remember, living donors are extraordinary people who donate their spare kidney to save another persons life - a donation that doesn't expect anything in return - a pure gift of life. If you believe in the amazing power of that gift and want to help us continue to add features to our product that helps people making that decision in their life then please contact us today.

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Guest Speaking Appearance


Our Co-Founder Kaye Price is a living kidney donor who continues to promote the awareness of End Stage Kidney Disease and the importance of Living Organ Donation education and support.

If your organisation is looking to educate and inform people about living organ donation please contact Kaye today to discuss speaking.