About DonorPlus

Have you ever been asked, thought about, or donated your kidney? The experience is like an "out of body" moment! You ask a lot of questions, you try to find out as much as you can and you wonder - can I live with one kidney!! 


It takes a great deal of love and courage to become a living kidney donor. Most don't like the word hero - but the reality is that they do a wonderful thing to save another person’s life. No money is involved, it’s a gift of life.  There are over 2 million people worldwide waiting for a kidney to live. In Australia and the USA there are on average 20 people who die each day waiting. 

DonorPlus was created by two entrepreneurs, Kaye and Patricia, who wanted to bring attention to the hidden needs of living organ donors. 

When a person decides to give a living organ ít's done with an altruistic intent - helping someone live.

When going through this personal journey themselves, both Kaye and Patricia realised more is needed to help people understand what is involved, how it will affect you and most importantly connect donors to donors.


Donors are not the people thought about in the process, but with DonorPlus, they now have access to support networks, trusted information, donor stories and communities. 



Co-Founder & Living Kidney Donor

Kaye is the visionary and strategist. Kaye oversees the design and leads on community engagement. 



Co-Founder & Supporter to Living Donor and Recipient

Patricia manages both the technical delivery  and management of operations  

DonorPlus knows the importance of connecting and consulting with the living donor community. We want to be something bigger then ourselves.